Installation and Setup


The latest version can be found in the download section on Github.

There are 3 distribution packages available:

Sitecore Forms Extensions-<version>.zip
Sitecore Package to install via Sitecore’s installation wizard. This is the most common option.
Sitecore Forms Extensions-<version>
Use this package for initial install on Azure PaaS via ARM templates.
Sitecore Forms Extensions-<version>
Use this package for redeployment via ARM on Azure PaaS, this package will only install DLL’s and file, sitecore items are excluded from this package.


Just install the package in Sitecore via installation wizard.



Most functionalities of the libray work out of the box. However, the fileupload and captcha features require some additional configuration.

File Upload

The file upload requires to set a location to store the uploaded files. A file upload storage provider must be added in configuration.

There are currently 2 store locations available:

Google Captcha

For Google Captcha to work, we need to set the public and private key in the configuration.